Why You Should Incorporate Jump Rope into Your Workout

Why You Should Incorporate Jump Rope into Your Workout

You might think of jump rope as something that you used to play with your school friends in the playground, but it is actually one of the most effective and vigorous workout routines you can undertake.


The high-cardio activity can help you to transform your body and fitness routine, and there is a wide range of benefits to jump rope:


  • Burn calories

One of the most significant benefits of jump rope is just how many calories that it helps you to burn. A 15-minute routine can help you to burn more than an equivalent run or cycle!


  • Improve coordination

Jump rope requires precision and coordination at speed, and the more experienced you become, the better your hand-eye coordination will become too.


  • Boost heart health

Like any cardiovascular activity, jump rope is a great way to get your heart pumping and boosting its overall health. Regularly undertaking jump rope helps you to increase your cardiovascular endurance and to improve your overall fitness.


  • Improve bone strength

This is not something that many people realize, but regular jump rope exercise helps you to increase the density and strength of your bones, reducing the risk of suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis in later life.


Looking to get jump roping?

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